Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Busy busy busy

Well Christmas and the first two birthdays of the year are over, just two more in February. Unfortunatly I never timed having children right. I have four of my childrens birthdays at the begining of the year. Well anyway I have decided I need to make a concerned effort with my crafts and this meant sorting out my work space. So last weekend with the help of lots of ikea storage I set about sorting out my craft room. I'm very fortunate that at the back of our house there is a small room which doesn't have any purpose so I confiscated it as my craft room. Its only a small room but it serves its purpose. My partner kindly gave me the heater he uses in the garage, so I know have warmth when I create. So yesterday excitedly I warmed up my room and began creating. Today I intend on going back in to create more beautiful pieces of jewellery, also I intend on making some moulds. I'm also very keen on doll making at the moment so will start to post some items soon. Anyway for now I'll say see you soon Love Sarah x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How quick time flies. We are already the 6th December and I'm not completely organised. I spent the weekend with my children putting up the Christmas tree and decorations then we crafted till our hearts content. We made Christmas cards, boxes, jewellery and yesterday (Monday) I spent making dolls and teddy bears. Today I intend on making more dolls and teddies but also a handbag for my sister in law. Its amazing what you can find around the house to recycle and use. I will post pictures shortly.
On another note my Pantene challenge to see the difference in my hair is amazing. Now in not one to go on about named products but my hair since using the shampoo and conditioner have felt so soft and manageable that I haven't needed to use any styling products. This is a first for me because having unruly red hair I rely on my hair spray etc to keep it looking fine. But and I say a big but I have never felt like I have been able to go bare. My hair feels sooooooo different.
I will also get a pic and post
But for now its time to get up and get on with things.
Take care my lovelies xxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

Welcome and HI!!!!!!!!

Well hello to everyone who follows me. This is my new blog and I've mainly set it up to post about my crafty experiences, life as a mum to 5 children and all my fun in reviewing new and exciting products.
Let me tell you a bit about myself, I'm a partner and mum to 5 children, 4 girls and a little boy. I spend most of my time  looking after my family but i also love to make craft items. I'm not just into one craft but i LOVE all crafts and constantly start new and fun projects. At present I'm knitting a blanket for Christmas for one of my daughters. I've also got lots of other things on the go such as 2 rag dolls, some jewellery and Christmas cards. I will post the item as i have made them so you can see how I've done.
I'm just just a crafty mama but i also am studying to be a breastfeeding councillor. I love this job but it does take up a lot of time so at present i have taken a break from my studies to concentrate on my family.

Today i received my first product to review, the new pantene pro v products which are not yet on the market. I will be reviewing this over the coming week and there will also be an opportunity for some lucky readers to receive some free samples. Below is a picture of my new kit!!!!!

For now i will have to love you and leave you but i will be back very soon.

Lots of love
Sarah jane xxxx